May 4, 2012

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The full Senate Finance Committee began discussions this week on H. 4813 the General Appropriations Bill SFY 12/13. They approved all Proviso recommendations from the Senate Finance HHS subcommittee.

H. 4967- SC Retirement Systems
The Senate Finance Special Retirement subcommittee met yesterday morning on H. 4967. The Senate subcommittee’s recommendations were too numerous to even begin mentioning the 21 differing caveats that were recommended and passed this morning as a unanimous committee bill. Item #20 was specifically directed regarding the EMS benefit on the Retirement Bill. Although PORS was moved to 27 years, we were NOT immediately moved to that system, but a study committee was formed to determine the impact on the retirement system if we can be moved to that system while keeping the entire system fiscally solvent. No other group was singled out for better benefit consideration as we have to believe that the many calls from our Association members and our constant harassment “woke up” elected officials regarding the disparity between “first responders”! This is certainly not meant to sugar coat a cow patty and call it a cookie, but to let all know that repetitive phone calls and personal contacts were acknowledged and reflected in today’s meeting. Tami and I will continue pressing the now obvious disparity but reminding the “constituent factor” by all of you could conceivably be of benefit even this year. Please continue to make phone calls and personal contacts to the elected House and Senate members within your districts. With all of this being said, this takes place with “new hires” from July 1st
2012 .

We have provided a “Matrix” that you can see the differing caveats by opening the
link provided below.

The full Senate Finance Committee met yesterday afternoon and adopted the Senate Retirements subcommittee recommendations on the SC Retirement Systems bill, H. 4967. This bill will now go before the full Senate next week.

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