Legislative Update 1/30/15

Attached is the legislative update for this week. To view any bill in its entirety, go to www.scstatehouse.gov and do a “Quick Search” using the bill number. Should you have any questions please contact Steve Lanford or Tami Johnson.

H.3265 (CPR in Schools)-The House Education K-12 Subcommittee met this past Tuesday afternoon on this bill. By a vote of
7-0, this bill was passed out favorably by the subcommittee. H.3265 will now go before the full House Education
Public Works Committee possibly as early as next week.

H3374 & H.3429 are both bills which deal with the LGF. The Ways and Means Legislative, Executive and Local Gov’t
Subcommittee canceled their meeting this week therefore neither of these bills were discussed. Hopefully, they
will be on the meeting agenda next week.

SCEMSA Legislative update 13015

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